1. Under The Sea

From the recording Midnight Blue


I found her waiting
By a smugglers cave
Where a storm was raging
Out over the waves
She asked me my name
And she sang it back to me
Like a bell was ringing
Under the sea.

She wrapped me in her shawl
And talk of my fright
Said we were sure to fall
Sometime that night
I begged her to kiss me
But she said I was not free
And something 'bout treasure
Under the sea.

I reached to take her hand
So pale and cold
Thought I could understand
The stories she told
But there in her palm
Was a black corroded key
That drew my mind back down
Under the sea.

I closed my eyes I know
One second no more
Still I woke up alone
On the cave's wet floor
The waters were high
And there could be no retreat
From currents pulling me
Under the sea.

My world is different now
I do not breathe
I live on whispered vows
That taste so sweet
In the roar of the waves
I hope she hears my plea
To join me in my grave
Under the sea.