"The guitar at the beginning and the bass are absolutely lovely, they are very soothing to listen to. This song could put me to sleep. Hippie music in a way, but wonderful hippie music. It is a very soothing song, it relaxed me. The lyrics have tons of meaning. "Catch it while you can, feel the love and take my hand", great lyrics."

"The singer has a very wonderful voice and I loved it. The melody was absolutely great and couldn't be better. I think this song should be a top hit."

"The start of it it sounded like a dream because it was so good. It's so original and natural. The lyrics and vocals rock!"

"I love the soft guitar intro, its beautiful. I also love how the beat creeps in the song is good, the lyrics are sweet, it speaks to me. It has a soft melody, it draws you in... The ending is awesome the funky guitar in the end... I can listen to this song all day!"

"Here we go! I love this type of music! So calming. The beginning instrumental is amazing. Soothing music. Cant go wrong with this song! Guy's voice is pretty good. Lyrics are cool too but overall I like the fact that its very calming music. Reminds me a little of the Eagles!"

"I really enjoyed this song. It's a song you can listen to on a rainy day when you just feel like hanging around, but also on a day when you go for a roadtrip and the sun is shining and you're left to your own thoughts."

"The guitar solo is awsome. Short simple and to the point. The ending remarkable, I could sing this song all day."

"Best played when you are getting a massage..."

"The acoustic introduction got my attention right away. This sounds like something that would be playing during a biker bar fight."

"Nice guitar sound at first, kind of reminds me of a western movie or something where you see people traveling through the desert. Lovely voice and it's kind of catchy. Probably something most people would listen to after a breakup while they're getting wasted. Nice lyrics, great music... I'd love to hear it on the radio."

"Sounds like it could be in an old western movie or something involving a desert scene."

"Great guitar riff to start the song. I like the long holds on the vocals and it shows the expression and vibe of the song."

"love the guitar in the beginning its funky!! the lyrics follow the song !!! then when the beat kicks it, it drives me me crazy!!! the beat by itself makes you want to party!!! the lyrics are simple and easy to follow!! i can totally sing this song verbatim!!! its a nice jam!!! i like how the the guitar is not in all of the song!! the beat rocks though its in every part of the song!! the beat is what keeps me rocking my head to this song!! i can really play this song at any function and people will really enjoy this song"

"This has some good strong dynamics. Uppity energy levels. Nice full texture. Rhythm is great, I love the band. Not a bad tune at all."

"Listening to this song puts you in the mind of classic Hippy rock and roll. The vocals are splendid and have an almost Dylan-esque drawl to them. The guitars are sweet and soft in their reverb and tone soaked charm. The drums are light and airy setting the song on it's soft hearted, and soft spoken mission."

"I would recommend this song for a wedding"

"The southern influence this song had made me feel right at home. The vocalist expresses his emotions very well. The guitar was very comforting to me. Also, the volume of the drums were perfect. There were parts of this song where the melody and glass sound of the guitar made me want to melt it was so good. I love it when musicians make beautiful music like this."

 "Great song, I'd listen to this on the radio. nice catchy tune. The tempo , lyrics , and arrangement is good. Keep up the good work. You and your band work well together. A very positive song. Your music lifts the spirit"

"A rather lovely simple surfer sounding country song."

"This sounds like an instrumental that you could use on a tissue commercial. It really sounded like an old plane that the Wright brothers put together. I like what this artist brought to the table with this record it hit home."

"Has a very soul train feeling to it in the beginning. The vocals have an interesting timbre to it. Gives it a rustic feel... All in all will reach a wide audience, although I think it might be good for weddings."

"This song honestly sort of sounds like a classic that our elders would listen to. The musician has a subtle voice but it fits the song nicely. It reminds me a bit of Bob Dylan..."